Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Vs Residential Ones

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems There are a lot of things that make residential fire alarm systems and commercial fire alarm systems similar. They both serve the same basic purpose and aim to alert those in homes and businesses when fires break out. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of things that make them different. Here are some of the things that commercial fire alarm systems have that residential ones don’t.

Horn strobe systems

When a fire starts inside of a home, it’s easy for a residential fire alarm system to let people know about it. These types of systems will often start making a loud sound to alert people to a fire. But commercial fire alarm systems need to use both visual alarms and auditory alarms to alert people to the presence of a fire. This will ensure that everyone knows about a fire regardless of any disabilities or limitations they might have.

Pull stations

Commercial fire alarm systems detect smoke, heat, and fires quickly. But there might be times when someone will see signs of a fire before the system sounds. In these instances, they’ll use pull stations located near the exits of buildings to let everyone else in the building know they need to get out. You won’t find these same pull stations in residential fire alarm systems.

Annunciator panels

If you own or operate a very large commercial property, you want to make sure firefighters know where to go to fight a fire when your alarm system goes off. Installing an annunciator panel as part of your commercial fire alarm system will do the trick. It’ll gather information from the fire alarms in your building and allow you and firefighters to pinpoint the exact location of a problem. It’ll also cut down on false alarms and let you know if your commercial fire alarm system is experiencing any issues.

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