Fire Alarms Accommodating Employees Who Are Disabled

Fire Alarms Accommodating Employees Who Are DisabledPutting safety first is a priority for every business, so making sure that you’re business’ fire alarm caters to everyone is crucial. That’s why your fire alarm system should offer a variety of features to accommodate those who are unable to hear or see.

If you’re struggling to find a part for your system, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace it entirely. We have the proper products and parts to fix and perfect your system, for example, the Simplex Speaker.

The Simplex Speaker has a multi-tapped design and is easy to install on a ceiling mount or a VRMS input. It has a high quality tone and is moisture repellent so there is minimal frequency distortion. It comes as a round model for the ceiling and rectangular for the wall mount.

The rectangular models come in red or white with “FIRE” lettering and TrueAlert strobes and speakers, making it easy to read for those who cannot hear and easy to hear for those who cannot see. If there is a part that your business needs, we can help.

At Life Safety Consultants, we have everything you need to keep your safety equipment functioning at affordable prices. From fire alarm parts to batteries, we make your safety our business. Contact us today and let us find the part or the product you need.

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