Important Commercial Fire Stats

Businesses and Fire SafetyWhen people think of fires, they usually think of homes burning down to the ground. But there are also plenty of commercial building fires, too. Though the numbers of fires have thankfully decreased over the past couple decades, commercial properties still experience over 100,000 fires annually in the U.S. and the cost of them has skyrocketed.


Did you know that commercial fires cost companies over 2.4 billion dollars per year? And did you know that 52% of larger fires occur in buildings where smoke detectors aren’t present or working? Yikes!


So what causes fires in commercial buildings? Well, typically, they happen because of someone sloppily cooking food. “I just stepped out of the room for a minute,” can result in “I’m so sorry for burning down the building.” Did you know that about 30% of office fires, 50% of hotel fires and 61% of restaurant fires happen due to food preparation?

What about warehouse fires? Why do those tend to occur? Usually it’s due to electrical malfunctions in the building. Perhaps too many cords are plugged into one outlet, overburdening circuits– that’s a problem, for sure.

Fires are no joke. People can be injured in commercial building fires, or worse– they can die.

Commercial Fire Alarm Parts

Does your workplace have smoke detectors? Are they really old? Have they been tested lately? Does anyone at your workplace care about “emergency planning?” Have you conducted a fire drill in recent months?

Life Safety Consultants of Palm Coast, FL, can help businesses, organizations, and commercial properties assess their current equipment and then upgrade/adjust so that they’re better protected in case a fire does start… please call 888-557-0558 for more info. You can also fill out the online contact page for more information.

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