Preventing Electrical fires in Your Office

The modern office is home to a host of electrical equipment that can constitute a serious fire hazard if you don’t take the necessary precautions. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), faulty electrical devices are one of the leading causes of structure fires in office properties. Today we’ll look at a few ways business owners can minimize the risk of fires in an office.

APreventing Electrical fires in Your Officevoid Overloading Outlets

Even with surge protectors, electrical outlets can become overloaded if too many devices are plugged in on the same circuit. You should be especially wary if the wiring in your office is old or inadequate. If this is the case, it might be time to call in an electrician to upgrade your office’s wiring or install new outlets to redistribute the power load.

Keep Moisture Away From Electronics

We all love having plants around the office, but it’s important to keep them away from electronics. Otherwise, overwatering a plant might result in a fried power supply, or worse – an electrical fire. If you do have plants in your office, be sure they have trays for excess water to drain into so they won’t leak onto electronic devices. Be careful around sinks and fountains in breakrooms as well.

Be Mindful of High-Traffic Areas

Organize power cords so that they don’t pass under carpets or other areas that see a lot of foot traffic. Use zip ties and wall mounts to keep power strips out of the way of your employees. Take care not to allow power cords to get tangled or messy. Try to consolidate electrical cords into discreet bundles whenever possible.

Invest in Fire Prevention and Suppression Systems

Precautionary measures are always the first line of defense against electrical fires, but it never hurts to have a contingency plan. Outfitting your office with a modern fire suppression system can prevent a small fire from turning into a devastating blaze.

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