Repair and refurbish fire alarm systems with new and refurbished Siemens and Cerberus Pyrotronics fire alarm parts. If you have a Siemens smoke detector or Cerberus system in your building, finding the right parts to make repairs may be difficult. Life Safety Consultants stocks a wide array of Siemens smoke detector parts, including discontinued Siemens and Cerberus Pyrotronics fire alarm parts.

Fire alarm systems are some of the most important devices in your building, keeping your assets safe as well as residents or employees. Siemens and Cerberus manufacture a wide array of exceptional fire alarm systems that provide long-lasting reliability and trusted operation. Instead of replacing these powerful alarms, you can refurbish them completely with the appropriate parts. Take a look at the new, used and hard to find Siemens or Cerberus Pyrotronics fire alarm parts to find the pieces you need to update your system.

Browse the available parts online and sort by item number or type to organize results. For more information on any system or refurbishment, contact Life Safety Consultants.

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