Mircom (ALCN-792D) Daughter Board



Daughter Board providing two additional loops 

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Mircom (ALCN-792D) Daughter Board

The ALCN-792D Daughter Board provides an additional two addressable loops when connected to the ALCN-792M/ALCN-792MISO Quad Loop Adder Board. This daughterboard is mounted over the ALCN-792M/ALCN-792MISO using the four screws and spacers provided. Wire the two addressable loops on the ALCN-792D Daughter Board in the same manner as the ALCN-792M/ALCN-792MISO addressable loops are wired. To ensure your system is always in proper working order, place your order today and we’ll ship it to you immediately.

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Weight .025 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in