Mircom (FX-351-LDR) 126 Point Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel



126 Point Fire Alarm Panel

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Mircom (FX-351-LDR) 126 Point Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel

The FX-351-LDR Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel is a single loop addressable panel that supports up to 126 addressable points. The system can be expanded to a three loop 378 point system with the addition of an ALC-252 Dual Loop Controller Module. The FX-351-LDR is equipped with a two line by 20 character backlit LCD display, numerical keypad, integrated UDACT/Digital Communicator and the provision for up to 64 zones of LED annunciation with the optional RAX-332 modules. The LCD display allows for 32 characters to be configured for user defined messages.  Place your order today and we’ll ship it to you immediately.

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