Simplex (4098-9717) TrueAlarm Ionization Smoke Sensor / Detector – 0677115


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** Discontinued by the manufacturer – replacement is the 4098-9714 photoelectric sensor **

TrueAlarm Analog Ionization Sensor

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Simplex (4098-9717) TrueAlarm Ionization Smoke Sensor / Detector – 0677115

The Simplex 4098-9717 TrueAlarm Ionization sensors use a single radioactive source with an outer sampling ionization chamber and an inner reference ionization chamber to provide stable operation under fluctuations in environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.  Smoke and invisible combustion gases can freely penetrate the outer chamber.  With both chambers ionized by a small radioactive source [Am 241 (Americium)], a very small current flows in the circuit.  The presence of particles of combustion will cause a change in the voltage ratio between chambers.  This difference is measured by the electronics in the sensor base and digitally transmitted back to the control panel for processing.  Three levels of sensitivity are available for each
ionization sensor: 0.5, 0.9, and 1.3% per foot of smoke obscuration.

This ionization sensor can be used with the 4010 and 4100U series control panels from Simplex. It also is compatible with the 4008, 4020, 4210, and 4100 series, as well as with 2120 TrueAlarm CDT’s. This high-quality sensor will ensure your system is always in proper working order, so place your order today and we’ll ship it to you immediately.

** Discontinued by the manufacturer – replacement is the 4098-9714 photoelectric sensor **

For more information about this Simplex replacement sensor, contact the Life Safety Consultants team at (888) 557-0558, or email us at :


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Analog, Ionization, Sensor, Smoke Detector


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