The Different Types Of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Types Commercial Fire Alarm SystemsIf you own a commercial property, it needs to have a fully-functioning fire alarm system installed in it. You also need to maintain the fire alarm system properly so that it’s prepared to spring into action at the first sign of smoke, heat, or fire. There are several types of commercial fire alarm systems that can be installed in a commercial property. Check out the types of commercial fire alarms below.

Conventional fire alarms

When you have a conventional fire alarm installed in your commercial property, it’ll include a central control panel along with fire alarms set up in different zones throughout your building and hardwired back to the control panel. In the event of a fire, the fire alarm that’s closest to it will go off. This type of system usually won’t allow you to pinpoint the exact location of a fire, but it will alert you to the presence of fire so that you can evacuate your building and notify the local fire department of the problem.

Addressable fire alarms

With addressable fire alarms, you’ll also have a central control panel with fire alarms set up throughout your commercial space. However, the big difference between conventional fire alarms and addressable fire alarms is that each alarm in an addressable fire alarm system will have its own address. This will allow you to pinpoint exactly where a fire is taking place in your building when an alarm starts going off.

Hybrid fire alarms

Hybrid fire alarms bring the best features of conventional and addressable fire alarms together to create a system that combines elements from both. Much like conventional fire alarms, hybrid fire alarms feature hardwired zones. But they also include some of the monitoring features that set addressable fire alarms apart from conventional ones.

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