The Technology Found in Modern Commercial Fire Alarms

Modern Fire Alarm SystemsTechnology has changed the way that people do just about everything in life. There are very few aspects of life that haven’t been impacted by technology in some way, and that includes fire safety! These days, commercial fire alarm systems are more advanced than ever before and capable of protecting buildings in ways that people couldn’t have imagined just a decade or two ago. Here are some of the ways in which technology has helped improve the average commercial fire alarm system.

Detects fires when they’re still in the “incipient” stage

Years ago, a fire had to produce quite a bit of heat and smoke before a commercial fire alarm system would detect it and start to go off. But that isn’t the case anymore. Today, commercial fire alarm systems can detect fires that are still in the so-called “incipient” stage. In this stage, fires are very small and easy to control. It reduces the amount of damage that a fire can do.

Pinpoints the exact locations of fires

Once upon a time, it was impossible for commercial fire alarm systems to detect exactly where a fire was located in a building. As a result, firefighters often had to go running through a building trying to find a fire before they could fight it. Nowadays, commercial fire alarm systems are advanced enough to pinpoint the location of a fire. This allows firefighters to get to it quicker and also tells fire sprinklers whether or not they need to turn on to douse a fire in a specific area.

Meets the specific needs of the owner or tenant of a building

Thanks to the rise in technology, commercial fire alarm systems can now be customized to meet the specific needs of whoever owns a commercial building or operates out of it. Commercial fire alarms can be programmed in order to alter their sensitivity at various points throughout the day, which comes in handy for many industrial companies and those who operate buildings that get hot and dusty on a normal day. Commercial building owners and operators appreciate these kinds of custom touches.

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