What Are the Advantages of Businesses Having Hardwired Fire Alarms?

Hardwired Fire AlarmsWhat are the advantages of businesses having hardwired fire alarms instead of wireless ones?

Two Power Sources

Hardwired systems rely on not one but two power sources: electrical power and battery power. That way, if one of those sources fails, the other takes over and the alarm still works. With wireless fire alarms, they’re usually relying on just one power source– batteries– which may not work when they’re most needed! Imagine having a fire in your office but the alarm doesn’t go off because the battery is dead– how awful would that be?


Because hardwired systems are part of a building’s electrical system, they’re connected to each other. Therefore, if one detector in a certain area of the building detects smoke or fire, it will send a signal to the other detectors in the system to “go off,” warning people to get out while they can. Businesses who want to warn people everywhere in the building that there’s a problem somewhere in the building thus benefit from having an interconnected hardwired fire alarm system. This is especially helpful in buildings where there are a lot of rooms and/or floors.


Some people wonder if hardwired systems are too old-fashioned and can’t compete with wireless systems. Did you know, though, that hardwired alarms are up-to-date these days, even having heat detectors built in? Therefore, hardwired systems can detect high temperatures as well as smoke. They won’t go off because something’s cooking on a cooktop, but they will go off if the heat/smoke is beyond something “normal.”

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