What Type of Fire System Initiating Device Should My Business Have?

Mircom MS 710U pullFew things are more gratifying than watching your professional dreams come true and becoming your own boss by owning your business. However, being the boss also comes with great responsibilities, including doing everything you can to protect your commercial building from fire.

The Basics Business Owners Should Know About Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Depending on the industry you’re in, the fire alarm system your business uses will be initiated automatically or manually. Let’s take a look at the differences.

  • Automatically actuated devices are continuously on alert for potential signs of fire. The potential signs of fire include, flames, smoke, rapidly rising temperatures or sprinklers going off. As you can surely deduce from it’s name, these types of systems work automatically, regardless of whether your building is occupied or not.
  • Manually actuated devices are reliant on humans and would include items such as break glass stations, pull stations and fire alarm boxes. When a person signals there is danger, these systems send alerts to the control panels.

After the system has been initiated, either an alarm will sound, a voice will alert everyone to exit the building or strobe lights or other lights will notify everyone of potential damage.

Ultimately, the type of business you own will determine what type of device you should have. In fact, the local fire code will probably make the decision for you. Nevertheless, it’s always helpful to talk to an expert about which system would work best for your company’s needs, and where you should place them in your building.

And when you need replacement commercial fire alarm parts, Life Safety Consultants has you covered. If you have any questions about the parts you need to have yours working right again, contact us at your convenience.

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