Why Does My Commercial Fire System Keep Having False Alarms?

False Fire AlarmsHas your commercial fire alarm system experienced a series of false alarms in recent months? This can be a major problem. When your fire alarm is always going off for no reason, it can desensitize you and your employees to it. It could lead to you ignoring a real alarm and put you into harm’s way. Here are some of the reasons why your commercial fire alarm might be having false alarms all the time.

It’s old.

It’s not uncommon for commercial fire alarms to go off for no reason once they get to be on the older side. Older systems are sometimes unable to detect fires like they once could. You may be able to inject more life into an old system by servicing and repairing it. However, if it has reached the end of its expected lifespan, you might be better off replacing it altogether.

It has parts that need to be replaced.

If your commercial fire alarm is still on the newer side and it’s experiencing false alarms a lot, there could be a single part or multiple parts inside of it that need to be replaced. You should have a professional come out and look at it to see which parts might be causing so many false alarms. A simple repair could be all that it takes to get your commercial fire alarm working like new again.

It’s dirty and dusty.

Did you know that something as simple as dirt and dust can cause false alarms in commercial fire alarm systems? You should try to limit the amount of dirt and dust in the air in your commercial building. You should also consider having your commercial fire alarm system cleaned if you suspect dirt and dust might be causing your false alarms.

Figure out why your commercial fire alarm system keeps having false alarms sooner rather than later. If you find that it needs new parts put into it, Life Safety Consultants can set you up with the commercial fire alarm system parts you need. Call us at 888-557-0558 today to find the right parts for your system.

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