Why Does My Smoke Detector Keep Randomly Going Off?

Smoke Alarm Issues Does a smoke detector in your home or business keep going off even though there’s no smoke in the air? That can present a huge problem because it can desensitize to you to the alarm and cause you not to trust it. It can even force some people to take the smoke detector down to prevent it from going off anymore. When this happens, you could be in big trouble if a real fire breaks out.

Reasons Your Smoke Detector May Be Going Off

Rather than ignoring the problem, get to the bottom of why your smoke detector is going off for no reason in the first place. One reason it might be happening is because your smoke detector is mistaking dust in the air for smoke. Ionization smoke detectors, in particular, will often pick up on dust in the air and sound their alarm. To prevent this from happening, you should clean off your smoke detector to get rid of excess dust. Do it by using a can of pressurized air to blow the dust off or suck the dust off with a vacuum.

One of the other reasons your smoke detector might be going off for no reason is that it’s simply old and needs to be updated. After smoke detectors have been around for about a decade, they can start malfunctioning without warning. If this is the case for you, replacing your smoke detector should solve the issue. Consider putting a new smoke detector into your home or business that will work properly.

If it’s time to upgrade your smoke detector, you can find a large selection of the latest smoke detectors on the market through Life Safety Consultants. Check out the models we have in store for you today. Call us at 888-557-0558 to order one or more for your residential or commercial property.

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