Why Medical Facilities Should Choose Addressable Technology For Their Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable Speaker TechnologyMedical facilities should choose addressable technology. If there’s ever a time when there’s a fire or other emergency, clear communication is key to ensuring the safety of everyone in the facility, including patients, workers and visitors. People need to be able to hear messages quickly and clearly so they know what to do in the event of an emergency– and/or the need for an evacuation of the facility.

Great Technology

Addressable technology’s value is especially found in its ability to offer unique addresses for each device in the system along with built-in intelligence that can continually report its status to a fire alarm panel.

Did you know the latest advancement in today’s addressable technology is addressable speakers with individual on-off audio controls for each device?

In the old days, long and disruptive fire alarm tests were done in medical facilities. Nowadays, thanks to addressable speakers, these tests can be done in seconds. They typically have self-testing capability and advanced programming/reporting features. Self-tests help reduce business interruption. They can be done manually or programmed to take place at off-hours, too.

Targeted Announcements

Addressable speakers can deliver audio messages to specifically targeted parts of a medical facility. This technology of targeted messaging ultimately helps provide enhanced emergency communications and response.

Today’s systems offer design and expansion flexibility. Medical facilities looking for cost-effective installations should consider addressable devices with circuits designed to go further using less wire. Indeed, addressable notification technology can lower the cost of fire alarm installation as well as the cost of ownership over the life of the system.

Finally, know this: addressable speakers offer high-quality audio output. Whether pre-recorded or live messages are used, building occupants will know what to do thanks to audible and intelligible messages.

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