Make Sure to Take Care of Your Commercial Fire Alarm!

Men testing smoke detectorsMany business owners get a commercial fire alarm system installed in their building(s) and then forget about it. Then, when it’s needed, and it doesn’t work, they’re out of luck, right? Just like with most things, commercial fire alarm systems need to be checked every now and then, and they might require maintenance every couple years.

Putting a System in Place

How can you maintain your commercial fire alarm system? Well, for starters, put a date on the calendar each month, or season, or year, to have a professional inspection done. That way someone with knowledge about the system is giving it some needed attention. They can fix any problems they find. Sometimes it’s as simple as replacing batteries!

Someone at your work should keep a logbook regarding the fire alarm system. In this logbook, record when the system is inspected and/or fixed. Record faults and failures and fixes, as well as the names and contact info of people who worked on the system.

It’s a smart idea to designate someone to test at least one detector in the building per week. This is simple– they typically press a button and listen for an alarm to sound. If it doesn’t, something’s wrong and needs attention. Perhaps alarm sensors need calibration. If a building has a system covering more than one zone, test more than one zone weekly.

Things to Check

What are some other things that can be checked? Fire doors, alarm sounders, and transmission signals all matter, as do batteries, cable fittings, and connections. You don’t want a loose wire to be the reason someone dies in a fire. Also, check for obstructions around detectors.

If you want, ask the local fire department to visit your commercial building and see what they think of your system.

Too many commercial businesses ignore their fire alarm systems. You, on the other hand, care about people’s safety and you want to make sure your place has an alarm system that’s working well, right?

Do you need help with replacement parts or fire alarm systems in general? Call Life Safety Consultants at 1-888-557-0558 for info.

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