The Benefits of Addressable Speaker Technology

Addressable Speaker Technology In life, it’s all about good communication, isn’t “it?” Whether you’re trying to maintain a good marriage, learn a new skill, or find out what’s going on, it all comes down to communication. Communication is key.

To stay safe, you need to know what’s going on. Imagine if you were trapped in a building you didn’t know well, and no one told you where to go. What would you do?

An Overview of Addressable Speaker Technology

Today there’s “addressable speaker technology” that’s available. And it’s amazing. Buildings can be equipped with “TrueAlert” speakers that’ll deliver audio messages to specifically targeted areas within a building. So, if a fire develops, the audio system can utilize certain speakers to alert people in certain parts of the building about the fire, telling them “get out now.” Targeted messaging works well because some incidents are small and isolated while others are broader emergency situations. Based on the nature of the situation, speakers can reach the people they need to reach with the right messages to keep them safe.

Addressable speakers use less wire than conventional notification systems. They’re designed to be flexible and easily expandable. As buildings change and life-safety needs evolve, the addressable speaker system grows and expands with the changes in a cost-effective and highly scalable way.

Instead of long, disruptive fire alarm tests, addressable speakers testing is easier and makes for less disruption, taking only a couple seconds. In fact, addressable speakers utilize technology such that they test themselves. They also have advanced programming and reporting features.

Finally, good communication means people can hear and understand the messages they’re receiving. Have you ever heard a voice announcing something in a public venue but you can’t understand a word? They’re using old technology! With addressable speakers, the audio output improves audibility and intelligibility of messages. In a life or death situation, that’s key.

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