Why Are Pull Cover Station Covers Important?

sentry pull station coverIf you have a fire alarm system installed in your commercial building, you likely have pull stations that are connected to your system strategically positioned throughout it. In the event of a fire, these pull stations can be used to send your fire alarm system springing into action. By simply pushing and then pulling on a pull station, a person can let everyone else inside a building know a fire has started. Pull stations are a critical aspect of any fire alarm system.

In addition to having pull stations installed in your building as part of your fire alarm system, you should also strongly consider having pull station covers put over them. Most pull station covers are quite affordable and they’ll play an integral role in the overall well-being of your pull stations and your fire alarm system as a whole. Let’s check out a few of the ways in which pull station covers will prove to be important to your pull stations.

They’ll provide protection for your pull stations.

Most of the pull stations that you have installed in your building will be located in relatively high traffic areas. This will leave your pull stations susceptible to the wear and tear that comes along with getting bumped into all the time. Pull station covers can provide your pull stations with all the protection that they need. You won’t have to worry about those walking by a pull station doing any damage to it. The pull station cover that sits over it will bear the brunt of any accidental impacts and keep your pull station safe.

They’ll prevent false alarms related to your pull stations.

Sentry Pull Station Cover Kits

The vast majority of people will only use pull stations when absolutely necessary. If there isn’t a fire, they won’t go anywhere near them. Nevertheless, there are some people out there who will use a pull station as part of a prank and pull it when there isn’t a fire. This could potentially cause a chaotic scene and send people into a panic. You can help avoid this situation by placing pull station covers over all your pull stations. When a cover is opened, it’ll make a loud sound that will stop a person from intentionally setting off a fire alarm for no reason. This makes pull station covers very valuable to those with pull stations in schools, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, and more.

They’ll weatherproof your pull stations.

Do you have any pull stations that are positioned outside? If so, you’re definitely going to want to make sure that you have pull station covers on them. These covers will weatherproof outdoor pull stations and protect them from the elements. You won’t have to worry about rain, snow, sleet, sun, or wind doing damage to a pull station when it’s all covered up. Outdoor pull stations will also be protected from vandalism when pull station covers are installed over them.

They’ll make your pull stations ADA compliant.

ADA Compliant At first glance, it might seem as though a pull station cover would affect your ability to stay ADA compliant when it comes to pull stations. But pull station cover manufacturers are very careful about following the rules and regulations laid out in the Americans With Disabilities Act. As a result, pull station covers are ADA compliant and will make your pull stations ADA compliant. What’s more, they can be opened with just one hand and don’t require much force to open. They also feature Braille text so that everyone can use them.

They’ll last as long as pull stations do.

Over the years, pull station covers in your building will take a beating. Between people bumping into them and everything from the sun to dirt and dust affecting them, they’ll be under constant attack. But despite this, you won’t have to be concerned about your pull station covers giving out on you. As long as you invest in UV-stabilized polycarbonate covers that are tough and rugged, they’ll last as long as all of your pull stations will. They’ll prove to be well worth the extra investment you make in them.

At Life Safety Consultants, we offer a wide range of pull station covers from Sentry that will provide you with all the benefits laid out here and more. Call us at 888-557-0558 to order pull station covers for the pull stations that you have installed in your building as part of your fire alarm system. We can set you up with the right ones and tell you more about the advantages of using them in the first place.

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