Why It Is Imperative To Have A Functional Pull Station Cover

Why It Is Imperative To Have A Functional Pull Station CoverFire alarms are an absolute necessity, especially when people’s lives are at risk. Fire alarms are a first response against a fire. When an alarm sounds, you are given the opportunity to react before the situation becomes life-threatening.

Positioning a fire alarm where it is heard and controlled is important. Keeping the fire alarm in top condition so that it performs with superior quality is key. Fire alarms are often sounded by s physical pull of a lever, which releases the alarm.

Fire alarm pull stations are kept visible so that all can recognize it at first sign of an emergency. It is not uncommon for an accident to happen and for a fire alarm to be pulled with or without intention, when not needed to be pulled.

Places where small children frequent, specifically in schools and shopping centers, fire alarms need to be protected to avoid mischief. This is where a pull station cover comes in. Anyone can open the cover, but the alarm will be less of a target when protected behind a shield.

Easy to open, a pull station cover can keep curiosity and accidents at bay while still being useful when needed in emergency situations. If you are in need of a functional pull station cover, Life Safety Consultants has a stock of covers available.

Working hard to keep people safe, all of our products are professional grade and of the highest quality. Not sure which fire alarm pull station is right for you? Contact us today.

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