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The NFPA Urges Commercial Buildings to Maintain Life Safety Systems During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Fire Alarm System Testing

Tragically, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to over 20,000 people losing their lives worldwide, and that number will only increase. In the United States and in many other countries, non-essential businesses have been forced to either shut down or continue their operations remotely, as employees work from home to avoid sharing germs. As such, buildings… Read more »

What Are the Advantages of Businesses Having Hardwired Fire Alarms?

Hardwired Fire Alarms

What are the advantages of businesses having hardwired fire alarms instead of wireless ones? Two Power Sources Hardwired systems rely on not one but two power sources: electrical power and battery power. That way, if one of those sources fails, the other takes over and the alarm still works. With wireless fire alarms, they’re usually… Read more »

Tips to Saving Money When Installing Fire Alarms

Installing Commercial Fire Alarms

Fire alarm installations can be an investment for commercial companies. Although the initial investment can be intimidating, it’s necessary to understand the importance of installing the appropriate alarms. We know that money can be tight, so we’ve curated 3-steps to a cost-effective fire alarm installation. Know the Necessary Building Information It’s essential to know the… Read more »