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Troubleshooting Commercial Fire Alarm Issues

Engineer inspecting fire alarm panel

Fire alarm systems are crucial for ensuring the safety of buildings and occupants. However, they can sometimes encounter problems that require troubleshooting to ensure they’re working as they should. Here are some common fire alarm problems and steps to troubleshoot them: False Alarms: Check for environmental factors: Verify if any environmental factors, such as steam,… Read more »

A Deadly Commercial Fire is Every Business Owner’s Worst Nightmare

Portrait of a fireman wearing firefighter turnouts holding a rescue axe before he fights commercial fire.

Commercial fires can be deadly. Not only do they ruin assets, but they can also harm employees, customers and/or visitors. Safety hazards include smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning. What can you do to avoid commercial fires where you work? Fire Evacuation Plan First, it’s important that there’s a plan in place in case a… Read more »

Fire Safety Tips for Warehouses

High-angle view of man worker with pallet truck working indoors in warehouse that prioritizes fire safety

Common reasons fires start in warehouses include electrical/lighting problems (such as frayed or exposed wires), combustible liquids not handled properly and accumulated garbage being too close to heating sources. If you manage a warehouse or work in one, you should be familiar with some fire safety tips. Keep Your Warehouse Safe From Fires For starters,… Read more »

Life Safety Consultants is Proud of Our Longevity in the Fire Alarm Parts Industry

Simplex 2975-9145

Life Safety Consultants is celebrating our 20th anniversary! That’s two decades of helping all sorts of people in all sorts of places get reliable fire alarm parts and more. With exceptional customer service, Life Safety Consultants has not only stayed in business, but thrived over the years. Longevity Matters in Business Longevity in business matters…. Read more »