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The Most Important Fire Safety Tools for Commercial Buildings

Fire Alarm

Perhaps the most important part of owning a business is making sure employees and customers are safe inside your commercial building. You always want to hope for the best while preparing for the worse, especially when it comes to protecting your building from fire. Here are the things you should make sure your building has… Read more »

Avoid These Safety Violations in Commercial Buildings

A fire incident with a printer due to overheating.

Commercial buildings are places that house businesses and such– so, for example, malls, retail shops, hotels, medical centers and office buildings are all commercial buildings. And do these types of buildings often have common safety violations? You bet! Now if you frequent a commercial building– say you work in one– you want to make sure… Read more »

The Benefits of Simplex Clocks

Simplex (6310-9226) 12″ Round Replacement Synchronized Clock

How do you tell time? Do you look at your phone to find the time? Most people do exactly that these days. That said, plenty of people still look at clocks hanging on the wall, too, and this is especially true in public venues and places where large numbers of people gather for everyday life–… Read more »

The Benefits of Synchronized Clocks in Commercial Establishments

Simplex (2310-9271A) 12″ Square Replacement Synchronized Clock

Clocks. They’re everywhere. On our wrists, on our walls, in our phones. But how often do we consider the importance of these time-telling devices being synchronized, especially in commercial establishments? Whether it’s a bustling airport terminal or a packed school corridor, time’s uniformity is paramount. Here’s a closer peek at why synchronized clocks are not… Read more »

The Essential Role of Commercial Smoke Detectors

modern smoke detector on commercial ceiling indoors

When it comes to securing a commercial space, fire safety isn’t just a checkbox – it’s a priority. Modern businesses thrive when they blend innovation with safety, and that’s where commercial smoke detectors come into play. Smoke detectors provide peace of mind and save lives. The Undeniable Value of Early Detection Smoke detectors have an… Read more »