• Siemens DB-3S Low Profile Base

    Siemens (DB-3S) Low-Profile Fire Detector Mounting Base 595-381804

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  • Siemens PAD-3 Auxiliary Power Supply

    Siemens (PAD-3) Notification Appliance Extender 599-699189

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  • Siemens MSI-10B Pull Station

    Siemens (MSI-10B) Single Action Pull Station 500-893080

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  • Siemens / Cerberus Pyrotronics (PAD-2) Replacement CPU board 5495

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  • Siemens / Cerberus Pyrotronics (PAD-2) Replacement CPU board 5395

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  • Siemens ADBX-11 Audible Detector Base

    Siemens (ADBX-11) Audible Fire Detector Mounting Base 500-096181

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  • Siemens FPT-11 Thermal Detector

    Siemens (FPT-11) Intelligent Thermal Detector (500-095918)

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  • Siemens Red Fire Alarm Manual Pull Station HMS-S

    Siemens (HMS-S) FireFinder Single Action Pull Station 500-033200

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  • Siemens PAD-3-MB Notification Appliance Extender (Main Board Only)

    Siemens (PAD-3-MB) Notification Appliance Extender Main Board Only (500-699080)

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  • Siemens TRI-R Interface Module

    Siemens (TRI-R) Single Input Interface Module 500-896224

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  • Siemens MSI-20B Pull Station

    Siemens (MSI-20B) Dual Action Pull Station 500-893081

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  • Siemens ALD-2I Analog Loop Driver

    Siemens (ALD-2I) Analog Loop Driver 500-891618

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