• Zone Addressable Module for Simplex Systems 2190-9163

    Simplex (2190-9163) Zone Addressable Module (ZAM) 0617610

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  • Simplex (4090-9101) Monitor ZAM Class B 0617949

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  • Simplex Zone Adapter Addressable Module

    Simplex (2190-9155) Zone Addressable Module (ZAM) 0617606

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  • Simplex 2190-9153 Zone Addressable Module

    Simplex (2190-9153) Zone Addressable Module (ZAM) 0617618

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  • Simplex (2190-9169) MAPNET II Surface Mount – Isolator Module, 0636246

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Also referred to as ZAMs, Zone Addressable Modules are a necessary component for many Simplex Systems. Should you need a replaceable ZAM, Life Safety Consultants has options available for the 2120, 4008, 4020, 4100, 4100ES, 4100U, 4010ES, and 4010 series control panels.

Notably, our Zone Addressable Modules are easy to install and utilize IDNet and MapNet II technologies.

Click on one of the selections on the page for more information or call or email us if you have an inquiry about zone addressable modules or any other part in our inventory.