Fire Alarm Pranks – No Laughing Matter

Fire Alarm Pranks – No Laughing MatterNo matter where we are, when a fire occurs it is important we are aware of it and able to get to safety as calmly and quickly as possible. A device like a fire alarm is so vital because of its ability to quickly alert people when a fire starts. In spite of their importance, some people don’t take them as seriously and sometimes even decide to pull them as a prank. That’s why it is important to know what you can do to avoid this dangerous joke.

Protect Your Alarm and Yourself

One technique that has been employed to deter pranksters is the use of dye placed in an alarm that squirts the person once it is pulled. Many are aware of this addition and it has actually been quite an effective method of deterrence.  Another product that can be used is a simple protective case that can be easily lifted in case of a fire. These are snapped on when things are calm and don’t allow anyone to get their hands on them as they appear locked. In addition to these devices, a very effective way to prevent these pranks is simply reiterating to others the seriousness of pulling a fire alarm. Pulling a fire alarm without reason is typically considered a misdemeanor, but in schools it can elevate the offense to a felony.

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