How a Commercial Fire Alarm System is Routinely Set Up

Commercial Fire Alarm SystemsIf a fire ever breaks out in your retail store, office building, hotel, restaurant, or other commercial establishment, you want your commercial fire alarm to spring into action immediately. It will let everyone know that they need to get out right away and increase the chances of the fire department responding quickly and putting the fire out in record time. Here is how your commercial fire alarm system is set up to allow this to happen.

Your fire alarm is tripped.

Before your commercial fire alarm system can start to go off, something needs to activate it. In some cases, this will happen when someone inside your commercial property pulls on one of your manual pull stations. But it can also happen when a smoke or heat detector in your building detects a fire. Either way, your fire alarm will be tripped, and it will begin to make a loud sound to let you know a fire has broken out.

Your fire alarm sends a signal to your monitoring company.

Most businesses have their commercial fire alarm systems connected to a monitoring center through their phone lines. This allows a fire alarm system to send a signal to the monitoring company to let them know a fire has started. They can then turn around and call the local police and fire departments to send them out to your business. They will also usually touch base with you to make sure you’re aware that a fire is taking place.

Your fire alarm continues to sound until the police and fire departments arrive.

When the police and fire departments are on their way to your building, your commercial fire alarm system will continue to go off. This will keep people out of the building and draw attention to the building so that the police and fire departments know exactly where they need to be.

For this entire process to play out in a matter of just a few minutes, you need to make sure you have the latest fire alarm products installed in your commercial fire alarm system. You also need to maintain your system and test it every so often. Life Safety Consultants can send you the products you need to keep your fire alarm system up to date. Call us at 888-557-0558 today to place an order.

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