Reasons Other Than a Fire That Could Set Your Smoke Detector Off

Smoke Detectors If one of the fire alarms in your home goes off, you should always take it seriously and assume there could be a fire taking place. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to fires. However, you should also be mindful of the fact there are many things that can cause your fire alarm to go off other than just a fire. Let’s take a look at a few reasons your fire alarm might go off.

 You are burning food in the kitchen.

Even if you don’t necessarily see a lot of smoke in the air, you can cause your fire alarm to go off by accidentally burning food in the kitchen. Whether it’s the result of something burning on the stove or a piece of toast burning in the toaster, your fire alarm will often detect burning food and go off. If this happens, you should crack a window and try to clear the air in your home to prevent your fire alarm from going off again.

Your house is filled with humidity.

When it gets humid outside, you should turn your air conditioner on to stop humidity from building up in your house. Because if it does, the high humidity levels can actually cause your fire alarm to go off, and it can cause a lot of confusion since you might not necessarily realize that the humidity is to blame for it. Fire alarms can also be triggered by the humidity created by someone taking a hot shower, so try not to position a fire alarm too close to a bathroom.

Your fire alarm has a low battery.

If your alarm is beeping rather than sending out a loud, consistent sound, it probably has a low battery you should replace. You should get into the habit of changing the batteries in your fire alarms about once every six months to prevent this problem. You want to make sure you have fresh batteries in your fire alarms at all times.

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