Safety Tips For Working With High Flammable Material

When you work with highly flammable material, safety is the most important aspect of your work. There is always potential for an accident or emergency, so taking the necessary precautions to avoid them will make your workplace safer and more effective.

Use the following tips when working with highly flammable material: Safety Tips For Working With High Flammable Material

  • Keep proper ventilation in your workplace. Having plenty of fresh air where your flammable liquids or gases are stored or used will be beneficial if there are any leaks or spills, the flow of fresh air will be disperse the hazardous material.
  • Flammable material should be separated from your general storage area. Can they be separated by a partition or a wall? Keeping the hazards separate from other material will result in a safer workplace.
  • Remove all obvious ignition sources from the storage and workspace. They can include electrical equipment, welding and cutting tools, open flames and other smoking material.
  • Are the substances kept in the appropriate containers? If there is a spill, the proper container will prevent it from spreading to other areas. Lidded containers and spillage catchment trays will help prevent dangerous messes.
  • One of the best safety tips for highly flammable material is to exchange a flammable substance for one that is less or not flammable. If you can eliminate them all together, the job will become much safer.

There is always going to be potential for something to go wrong and it’s important that everyone knows what to do if there is an emergency. There need to be procedures to follow if something should go wrong. Workers should know what to do if one should happen and how to prevent mixing chemicals that aren’t compatible. There should always be a first aid station or equipment available.

If you need more information or parts for your safety system, please contact Life Safety Consultants today.

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