Unique Way To Teach Kids Fire Safety

Unique Way To Teach Kids Fire SafetyFor years, we have been trying to teach children about the importance of fire safety. If it is instilled in them at a younger age, the better times they will have if there’s an emergency and no adults around to help.

We show young kids cartoons with their favorite characters going through similar fire alarm and safety situations to embed the proper responses when faced with a real scenario. We also practice fire drills at school, and give them emergency numbers to call when at home for outside help.

Fire prevention also can come in toys, and that’s where this idea from LEGO comes in handy.

“LEGO Smokey Bear” Helps Teach Fire Safety

If you were one of the fortunate kids growing up that was given LEGOs to play with, then you know how it can help shape a child’s young mind. Smokey Bear is also one of the most recognized figures in fire safety.

With these combined efforts from LEGO Ideas, they have created a few different sets of “LEGO Smokey Bear” in the hopes that once a child plays with the toys, that they will be reminded of fire safety and prevention their entire lives forward. This also spreads the information as they share with their friends or if the LEGOs get passed down to another generation.

At Life Safety Consultants, we can appreciate the need to be aware of fire safety for all ages. That why we carry a wide array of replacement parts, for your home or business, to keep your essential life safety systems at optimal functionality. For more information on any of the products we carry, contact us today!

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