Simplex (4905-9938) SmartSync Control Module 0626630


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For use with SmartSync compatible devices

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Simplex 0626630 SmartSync Control Module #4905-9938

The Simplex 4905-9938 SCM (SmartSync Control Module) converts two conventional NAC inputs into a SmartSync two-wire NAC output.  One NAC can be programmed to operate as “on-until-silenced” and would be designated as the horn control (non-coded, on continuously during alarm).  A second NAC would be programmed to provide “on-until-reset” operation and would be for the visible appliance (strobe) control (also non-coded, on continuously during alarm).  Power is supplied by the strobe control NAC.

The Simplex SmartSync Control Module 4905-9938 is compatible with a wide range of Simplex fire alarm systems.

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Weight.25 lbs
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