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An Explanation of Common Smoke Detection Technologies

Smoke detectors act as an essential early-warning system in your workplace, alerting employees to budding fires before they become to full-blown blazes. Every day, we place our implicit trust in smoke detectors to protect us in the event of a fire. Smoke detectors are everywhere, but in spite of how commonplace they are many people… Read more »

Preventing Electrical fires in Your Office

The modern office is home to a host of electrical equipment that can constitute a serious fire hazard if you don’t take the necessary precautions. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), faulty electrical devices are one of the leading causes of structure fires in office properties. Today we’ll look at a few ways… Read more »

Combustible Dust Puts Workplaces at Risk

In 2008, 14 people were killed when sugar dust suddenly ignited in a violent explosion at a refinery in Georgia. Two  years after that, a similar incident involving combustible dust in a metal recycling facility in West Virginia killed three workers and injured a contractor. According to the Chemical Safety Board, 281 dust-related workplace fires… Read more »

Safety Tips for Working With Highly Flammable Materials

Safety Tips for Working With Highly Flammable Materials

When you work with a flammable material, safety is the most important aspect of your work. There is always potential for an accident or emergency, so taking the necessary precautions to avoid them will make your workplace safer and more effective. Consider the following tips when working with flammable materials. Maintain proper ventilation in your… Read more »

Know When A New Fire Alarm System Is Needed

Break glass to push fire alarm

A fire alarm system is very important in making sure you and anyone in your building to get out and to safety quickly. However, like every other technology today, fire alarm systems and their parts do wear out over time, which could lead to them not functioning properly in case of an emergency. Before this… Read more »

For Industries Prone To Fires, Provide Staff With Fire Prevention Training

For Industries Prone To Fires, Provide Staff With Fire Prevention Training

Fire safety is one of those aspects of the daily workforce that should never be redundant. As time goes on, there will be things you won’t need to remind your working staff of as they become second nature. However, fire is a topic that deserves plenty of attention, and often. Your employees, both new and… Read more »

Most Common Causes Of Fire Accidents

Most Common Causes Of Fire Accidents

Fires, whether in the house or commercial building, are preventable. However, there are instances where accidents happen and unintentional fires ignite. Having a fire escape plan in place can save lives. It is just as important to know what the most common causes of accidental fires are so that you’re aware of their existence. Here… Read more »

Safety Tips – Clean Your Smoke Detectors

Safety Tips - Clean Your Smoke Detectors

There are many parts that make up your fire alarm system, many parts which need continual maintenance and inspection. Of these parts that help as a preliminary safeguard against a fire in your house or business is the smoke detector. Working smoke detectors are usually located in each room, possibly multiples times depending on the… Read more »