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An Overview of Commercial Fire Panels

Commercial Fire Panels

Every single aspect of a commercial fire alarm system is important. But you could argue that the most important part of all is the commercial fire panel. A commercial fire panel is responsible for taking charge and carrying out a variety of tasks when a fire starts inside of a commercial building. Here is everything… Read more »

The Technology Found in Modern Commercial Fire Alarms

Modern Fire Alarm Systems

Technology has changed the way that people do just about everything in life. There are very few aspects of life that haven’t been impacted by technology in some way, and that includes fire safety! These days, commercial fire alarm systems are more advanced than ever before and capable of protecting buildings in ways that people… Read more »

A Checklist for Commercial Fire Safety

Checklist for Commercial Fire Safety

Business owners always seem to have too much on their plates. It can make it easy to overlook something as important as commercial fire safety. However, if a fire ever takes place in your business and spirals out of control, it could be devastating for your company. Here is a checklist that you should run… Read more »

How a Commercial Fire Alarm System is Routinely Set Up

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

If a fire ever breaks out in your retail store, office building, hotel, restaurant, or other commercial establishment, you want your commercial fire alarm to spring into action immediately. It will let everyone know that they need to get out right away and increase the chances of the fire department responding quickly and putting the… Read more »

What is My Commercial Fire Alarm Panel Telling Me?

Commercial Fire Alarm Panels

Is your commercial fire alarm panel trying to tell you something? If so, a yellow or red light will usually flash on the panel to indicate a problem. In most cases, this problem won’t be anything you need to necessarily worry about too much. However, you shouldn’t ignore your fire alarm panel if it has… Read more »