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The Triggers of a Commercial Smoke Detector

Smoke detector with smoke

There are two types of smoke alarms: photoelectric and ionization. With photoelectric, a steady beam of light is used. If and when smoke particles enter the internal chamber of the alarm, particles scatter the light beam and redirect it to a photocell, triggering the alarm to go off. Ionization alarms use ions, electrons and electrodes…. Read more »

Do You Need Pull Station Covers?

Manual Pull Stations

Do you need pull station covers? Well, they’re a good idea because they help protect manual pull stations from several things. Protection In high traffic areas, pull station covers help protect against accidental impacts. Ideally, you don’t want people to set off accidental alarms, right? If someone accidentally bumps into the pull station, the cover… Read more »

A Brief Look at the History of Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

We take smoke detectors for granted. They’re everywhere these days, but that wasn’t always the case. The Early History of Smoke Detectors In the 1930s, there was a Swiss scientist named Walter Jaeger. He accidentally invented the smoke detector when he made a device to detect poison gas. His sensor device was supposed to move… Read more »

How Businesses Can Celebrate Fire Prevention Month

Worker Maintaining Commercial Fire Alarm System

Did you know October is National Fire Prevention month? What are some things businesses can do to stay fire free? Maintain Fire Alarm Systems First, it’s important to maintain fire prevention systems. Make sure your smoke alarms are working– test them! Does the alarm sound? If you don’t have a sprinkler system, think about installing… Read more »

Why Medical Facilities Should Choose Addressable Technology For Their Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable Speaker Technology

Medical facilities should choose addressable technology. If there’s ever a time when there’s a fire or other emergency, clear communication is key to ensuring the safety of everyone in the facility, including patients, workers and visitors. People need to be able to hear messages quickly and clearly so they know what to do in the… Read more »

The Advantages of Having a Smoke Detector Dust Cover

Smoke Detector Dust Cover

Certainly, all businesses remember the need to routinely test and maintain their commercial smoke detectors. However, in addition to periodically testing the system, you also have to do what you can to protect your smoke detector from outside debris. Like most other stationary objects in your business, smoke detectors  have a tendency to accumulate dust,… Read more »

What Type of Fire System Initiating Device Should My Business Have?

Mircom MS 710U pull

Few things are more gratifying than watching your professional dreams come true and becoming your own boss by owning your business. However, being the boss also comes with great responsibilities, including doing everything you can to protect your commercial building from fire. The Basics Business Owners Should Know About Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Depending on… Read more »