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How a Commercial Fire Alarm System is Routinely Set Up

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

If a fire ever breaks out in your retail store, office building, hotel, restaurant, or other commercial establishment, you want your commercial fire alarm to spring into action immediately. It will let everyone know that they need to get out right away and increase the chances of the fire department responding quickly and putting the… Read more »

What is My Commercial Fire Alarm Panel Telling Me?

Commercial Fire Alarm Panels

Is your commercial fire alarm panel trying to tell you something? If so, a yellow or red light will usually flash on the panel to indicate a problem. In most cases, this problem won’t be anything you need to necessarily worry about too much. However, you shouldn’t ignore your fire alarm panel if it has… Read more »

Types of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

When you want to protect your business from fires it’s a good idea to have a commercial fire alarm system in place and “on” just in case something goes wrong. You never know when, where or why a fire might start. It could be someone tossing a cigarette somewhere without putting it out all the… Read more »

The Basics of a Commercial Fire Alarm System

Commercial Fire Alarm System

What are the basics of a commercial fire alarm system? Fire Alarm Control Panel First, there’s the fire alarm control panel. This is a box that could be considered the brain(s) of the fire alarm system. It’s the central point for communication and it’s the box that ultimately relays information. For instance, when a device… Read more »

Zone Vs. Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Zoned vs Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

If you were to talk about building zones, you should know that they’re not determined by where wires are run for the fire alarm system. Actually, they’re determined by the building’s separations when it comes to fire-control and smoke-control. Basically, a fire zone is a specific area of a building and each zone is separated… Read more »

What Businesses Should Look For in Fire Safety Solutions

Fire Safety Solutions

There are roughly 100,000 commercial fires that take place in the U.S. every year. These fires do more than $2 billion worth of damage on an annual basis and cause hundreds of deaths and injuries. Finding a fire safety solution for your business can help protect both your building and, more importantly, your employees and… Read more »