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Common Fire Code Issues

Fire Code Violations

In the interest of safety, what are some common fire code/safety issues most talked about in public buildings? Well, if you were to ask inspectors, who typically look over common areas, stairways, closets, utility rooms and more, you’d get an earful. Storage Mishaps Oftentimes, it all comes down to storage, as in, “How are things… Read more »

The Benefits of Addressable Speaker Technology

Addressable Speaker Technology

In life, it’s all about good communication, isn’t “it?” Whether you’re trying to maintain a good marriage, learn a new skill, or find out what’s going on, it all comes down to communication. Communication is key. To stay safe, you need to know what’s going on. Imagine if you were trapped in a building you… Read more »

Is it Time to Replace Your Smoke Detector?

Smoke Detectors

Did you know most fatal fires occur at night? Every home should have working smoke detectors which help warn people of any imminent danger. Smoke detectors make sense in rooms where people sleep, as well as hallways that lead to sleeping areas. In general, each level of a home, including the basement, should have at… Read more »

Fire Safety Tips for Halloween

Fire Prevention on Halloween

Do you like to light candles and place them inside of jack-o’-lanterns for Halloween? It’s a great tradition that really helps get everyone in a festive mood. However, it could also potentially be a fire hazard if you aren’t careful. In fact, there are all sorts of fire hazards that are, unfortunately, tied to Halloween… Read more »

This Year’s Fire Prevention Week Theme

National Fire Prevention Week

Every year, the National Fire Protection Association holds Fire Prevention Week sometime in the early fall. The mission of Fire Prevention Week is, as its name would suggest, to bring awareness to the ways in which Americans can prevent fires from breaking out in their homes and businesses. The NFPA also takes things a step… Read more »

A Crash Course on Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms

They’re all around us, yet we don’t pay much attention to them… they’re smoke alarms and smoke detectors. Designed to “go off” if too much smoke fills a space, a good smoke alarm/detector can save lives in the case of a fire. Alarms alert people that there’s a problem and they need to vacate the… Read more »