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What Are Simplex Control Panels?

Simplex Control Panels

When you have a fire alarm system set up inside of a commercial property, it’s a good idea to tie it all together with a reliable control panel. More specifically, it’s a good idea to do it with a control panel made by Simplex. Simplex is one of the industry leaders when it comes to… Read more »

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Vs Residential Ones

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

There are a lot of things that make residential fire alarm systems and commercial fire alarm systems similar. They both serve the same basic purpose and aim to alert those in homes and businesses when fires break out. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of things that make them different. Here are some of the… Read more »

The Different Types Of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Types Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

If you own a commercial property, it needs to have a fully-functioning fire alarm system installed in it. You also need to maintain the fire alarm system properly so that it’s prepared to spring into action at the first sign of smoke, heat, or fire. There are several types of commercial fire alarm systems that… Read more »

The Differences Between Simplex Addressable and Non-Addressable Smoke and Heat Detectors

Non-Addressable vs Addressable Smoke Detectors

Do you want to enhance the fire alarm system that you already have installed in your commercial facility? Simplex can help you do it by providing you with a wide range of advanced peripherals that are designed to help your current system meet any applicable codes while offering you more protection from fires and the… Read more »

Common Fire Code Issues

Fire Code Violations

In the interest of safety, what are some common fire code/safety issues most talked about in public buildings? Well, if you were to ask inspectors, who typically look over common areas, stairways, closets, utility rooms and more, you’d get an earful. Storage Mishaps Oftentimes, it all comes down to storage, as in, “How are things… Read more »

The Benefits of Addressable Speaker Technology

Addressable Speaker Technology

In life, it’s all about good communication, isn’t “it?” Whether you’re trying to maintain a good marriage, learn a new skill, or find out what’s going on, it all comes down to communication. Communication is key. To stay safe, you need to know what’s going on. Imagine if you were trapped in a building you… Read more »

Is it Time to Replace Your Smoke Detector?

Smoke Detectors

Did you know most fatal fires occur at night? Every home should have working smoke detectors which help warn people of any imminent danger. Smoke detectors make sense in rooms where people sleep, as well as hallways that lead to sleeping areas. In general, each level of a home, including the basement, should have at… Read more »