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A Crash Course on Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms

They’re all around us, yet we don’t pay much attention to them… they’re smoke alarms and smoke detectors. Designed to “go off” if too much smoke fills a space, a good smoke alarm/detector can save lives in the case of a fire. Alarms alert people that there’s a problem and they need to vacate the… Read more »

Fire Risks for Elderly People

Fire Risks for Elderly Folks

People of all ages can face fire risks in their homes. But elderly people, in particular, can find themselves dealing with certain fire risks that are exclusive to those in their age group. If you’re a senior citizen or you have a special senior in your life, you should work to reduce these fire risks…. Read more »

The Lessons Learned From Pet Fire Safety Day

Pet Fire Safety Day

If a fire were to break out in your home tomorrow, how would you protect your pets and get them out safely? July 15 was Pet Fire Safety Day, which makes now the perfect time to consider what steps you can take to keep your pets safe in the event of a fire. Here are… Read more »

Fire Alarm Basics

Installing a fire alarm in your home or business could help save lives in the event of a fire. It could also cut down on the amount of property damage that is done during a fire. A basic fire alarm will do this by performing several functions. Let’s take a look at those functions below…. Read more »

Safety Tips for Your Family Fires This Summer

Family Fire Safety Tips

This summer, and year-round for that matter, it’s important to think about fire safety in and around the home. After all, one bad move could end up burning down the house. It’s imperative that families talk about fire safety. Families with little ones under the age of 10 especially need to explain to the youngsters… Read more »

What to Do If There is a Fire In Your Home

House Fire

There are more than 1 million fires that take place in American homes every year. Unfortunately, those fires lead to upwards of 15,000 injuries and 3,000 deaths annually. If your home ever sustains a fire, you should know how to react to keep your family safe. Here’s what you should do if a fire ever… Read more »

Fire Hazards to Be Aware of This Summer

Summer Fire Hazards

Fires can happen at any time of the year. Regardless of whether it’s the dead of winter or the hottest day in the summer, a fire can break out in or around your home. However, there are some fire safety hazards that are unique to the summertime. Take a look at a few of them… Read more »